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 اتعلم الالمانية Oxford Take Off in German

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تعلم الالمانية Oxford Take Off in German

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Take Off in German
Author: Andrea Reitz and Heike Schommartz
Format: pdf+mp3 (1Book+4CDs)
Publisher: Oxford
Size: 284mb
Language: English/German

The aim of Oxford Take off in German is to introduce you to German as
it is really spoken throughout the German-speaking world. Whether you
are a complete beginner or just need to brush up on your knowledge of
the language, this audio-led course will help you to speak, read,
write, and understand authentic German quickly and easily. It contains
dialogues and activities, pronunciation practice, detailed grammatical
help, cultural information, and reading practice, as well as review
sections to help you assess your progress, and language learning
strategy tips.

The Oxford Take Off In series offers the complete language learning kit
with everything you need to speak, read, write, and understand a modern
language. With almost 5 hours of audio content, the courses help you
develop the key skills of listening and comprehension from the very
first lesson, so that you learn to understand, speak, read, and write
your chosen language quickly and easily.

The courses teach you everything you need to feel at home in the
language and take you from complete beginner to intermediate level in
14 easy-to-follow units. You can prepare for real-life encounters by
listening to recordings of native speakers in everyday situations. Each
course contains a course book, and 475-minute cassettes or 4 CDs. CD1.rar CD2.rar CD3.rar CD4.rar

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اتعلم الالمانية Oxford Take Off in German
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